Or: an article about the animations co-created with the School Strike for Climate and the band Kompost as part of the #NoWorries campaign.

Frame from the #ZEROWASTECULTURE Animation, CC-BY SA 4.0.

During the summer of the 2020 pandemic, Centrum Cyfrowe (Polish think tank working with digital culture) partnered with the Polish School Strike for Climate and the hip-hop collective Kompost to create three viral animations explaining the cause and potential effects of the drought in Poland. The animations appeared on the social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) of the organization. In the videos, we made use of graphics available through Creative Commons licenses and the public domain.

#ZeroWasteCulture Animation,
CC BY-SA 4.0.

Culture, especially pop culture, is based on, reproduces, and sublimates social fears. It’s hardly surprising that people reach for…

Check out an innovative AR filter #ZEROWASTECULTURE based on art from public domain now available on Instagram

#ZEROWASTECULTURE — an AR filter based on Ottmar Elliger’s “Still Life”, Statens Museum for Kunst

Become a part of well-known paintings and transport yourself to a new, forested world! You can choose from Józef Mehoffer’s “Strange Garden” (from the archives of the National Museum in Warsaw) or Ottmar Elliger’s “Still Life” (from the Statens Museum for Kunst). There are over 500 million Instagram users who post to Instagram Stories daily. The Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation decided to make use of the trend, and together with the Statens Museum for Kunst (the SMK) and the National Museum in Warsaw created innovative filters with the help of augmented reality.


Both paintings are available through the public domain…

Open Culture to the Rescue!

The Artist’s Wife (Périe) Reading, Albert Bartholomé, 1883, Metropolitan Museum of Art (the US)

As Covid-19 infections aggressively spread throughout the world many governments have taken measures to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic. We have been told to stay at home and practise social distancing.

Cultural institutions and big events have been shut down, and most restaurants, bars and public spaces follow suit. The question on everyone’s mind seems to be “What do we do with our newly found time at home, other than binge-watching series?”

Open Culture comes to the rescue!

Millions of digitised cultural works are made available online, some view-only mode, but many — those that form part of Public Domain or have a Creative Commons…

(Get your tickets today!)

Journalists, storytellers — we invite you to join us at the II International Summit for journalist and storytellers organised in Warsaw, Poland on November 21–22.

Why? Let us explain:

1. Let’s get together

The theme of this edition is “Let’s get together”. There is a lot of innovation happening both in media and in storytelling right now. There is a lot of topics that need to be addressed and discussed, and the audiences are hungry for well-crafted inputs. It is what we are going to discuss with our guests.

One of them, our first keynote speaker is Maria Ressa of Rappler, a Filipino journalist…

Ludo Hekman preparing to speak at the Outriders Meetup in Sofia

Season one of Outriders Network activities has come to an end.

We have travelled to over 13 locations delivering more than 20 workshops and producing 27 talks. We have launched a database of interactive stories comprising of over 900 records. We have published 12 articles, reached over 4000 people, build a group of 1500+ journalists and sent seven issues of our new, newsletter called Outriders Network: PULSE which is read by over 2000 people every two weeks.

What did we learn? Read these five points below to find out.

Innovation Happens in The East

There is plenty of innovation happening in Eastern Europe — or…

photo by Vanja Čerimagić

Between 16th and 18th of May, we traveled to Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, for an annual regional gathering of activists, techies, policy makers, and journalists, which focuses on political accountability and new technologies. We hosted a session on the conference’s main stage where a fact-checker Verda Uyar, a journalist Nastya Stanko, and a data journalist Jacopo Ottaviani shared their perspective and experience with election-related coverage.

On the next day, we have hosted two Outriders Lab workshops: one on fact-checking and verification run by Marek Miller (Google News Lab), and another one on data Journalism and Agility run by aforementioned Jacopo.

pic by our new Events Producer, Kasia Białach

Last week we went on tour to two Balkan capitals — first to Zagreb and then to Sarajevo. Just a few hours after we had landed the weather in the region changed. Zagreb experienced powerful winds and heavy rains for some 36 hours straight. The police even issued a warning saying that it was not safe to leave the house unless you really had to… Still, over 60 people showed up at our workshops which we purposely called labs. We were thrilled.

Picture from the Outriders Meetup in Athens

Eva Constantaras is a data journalist specialized in building data journalism teams in developing countries. The teams she worked with have reported from across Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, and East Africa on topics ranging from displacement and kidnapping by organized crime networks to extractive industries and public health. Eva is also on the Outriders Advisory Board. I, personally, am a big fan of how meticulous and focused she is at work. I also really love her opinionated nature and admire her integrity. Here she is, answering some of my questions about data journalism. Enjoy!

How (and why) did you get into data journalism?

Like many data journalists, I…

On March 21st, a week after we gathered in Sofia, Bulgaria to discuss cross-border investigations, Outriders Network hosted another meetup, this time in Budapest. Our guests — Sarah Emler an Austrian journalist from ORF, Tommasso Canetta, an Italian fact-checker from Pagella Politica and Meri Jordanovska, a Macedonian investigative journalist working at the MakFax agency — arrived at Brody Studios (possibly the coolest venue we got to host an event in so far!) to talk about disinformation — what it is, how it spreads and how to fight it.

Thank you to our partners, especially K-monitor in organising the event.

Curious about the details of the talks? Dive in!

Sarah Emler, ORF


Who are Outriders?

At Outriders, we believe in strengthening the power of journalism to explain the complexities of the world. Our organisation supports journalism globally through a variety of projects: outride.rs (our online magazine), Outriders Studio (using our know-how to build custom projects with our partners), Outriders Network (an international knowledge sharing platform for journalists), and Wachlarz (a grass-roots community of travellers and reporters).

Whom are we looking for?

Almost all of our projects include events’ organising on a smaller (Outriders meetups) and larger (Outriders Summit, Wachlarz) scale, in Poland and abroad. …

Alicja Peszkowska

Alicja Peszkowska is a Copenhagen-based consultant, researcher, and a participation strategist focused on technology, digital culture, and social change.

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